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Smoked fish frozen

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Origin: Netherlands
Mackerel  300/400 G (2 ST IVP)

Mackerel 300/400 G (2 ST IVP)

2996 | Packaging: 10 KG

Origin: Netherlands
Mackerel  275-295g

Mackerel 275-295g

6860 | Packaging: 24X280 G

Origin: Netherlands
Mackerel  250/400 G

Mackerel 250/400 G

3855 | Packaging: 4 KG

Origin: Türkiye
Trout Fillet

Trout Fillet

2609 | Packaging: 20X100 G

Origin: United Kingdom
Msc Smoked Herring

Msc Smoked Herring

243 | Packaging: 3 KG

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