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We at wholesaler Mooijer-Volendam are proud of the fact that our transport is carried out under our own management. We have 15 trucks that deliver foofdproducts throughout Europe on a daily basis. This has the great advantage that we are more flexible in making agreements regarding the place, date and time of delivery.

Are you interested in the possibilities that we as Mooijer-Volendam can offer you? Ask your question via our chat, send an email to info@mooijer.nl or contact us by phone.

Wholesale for the hotel and catering industry in the Amsterdam region

Mooijer-Volendam has also a branch in the foofdcenter on the Jan van Galenstraat in Amsterdam. Daily catering owners, fish shops or other wholesalers come here to get their frozen products, smoked fish or fresh fish products from us. Are you unable to pick up your own food products such as shrimps, dim sum, squid or fresh cod? Please contact us and ask for the possibilities for delivery.

Our location in Amsterdam can be reached by telephone via +31 20 – 68 411 40 or via vismarkt@mooijer.nl.

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